We want to help EEA citizens and their families secure their status in the UK. 

Here for Good provides

free immigration advice to EEA nationals and their family members living in the UK, through our email and telephone advice line. We also provide 1-2-1 support to the most vulnerable citizens such as the homeless, victims of domestic violence, and those with complex needs.


The referendum might be over, but the fight for a clear and fair policy on citizens’ rights continues.

Our goal is simple: to help those who need it most. We don’t exist to support politicians or political parties, we’re here to support people. We’re willing to work with anyone who shares our vision.


Brexit can feel remote and abstract, but the work of Here for Good is not about Customs Unions or Single Markets, it’s about families and livelihoods.

Here for Good wants to empower EEA citizens and their family members as much as we can. 


Our vision is simple: we want all EEA citizens and their families to know their immigration status, and we want citizens who need access to legal advice to get it - for free.

Here for Good caseworker giving free legal advice


Here for Good provides three services:



Mapping free immigration and support services across the UK, alongside the Mayor of London and the European Commission


A free, up-to-date and accessible immigration guide


Free, high quality legal advice for EEA citizens most in-need



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Here for Good was founded by Tahmid Chowdhury and Isabella Mosselmans, two young law graduates who wanted to stand up for citizens' rights. After Brexit, Tahmid and Isabella were concerned that the rights of EU citizens were being forgotten. As it became clear that the government wasn't going to prioritise giving EU citizens security, Tahmid and Isabella set out to do it themselves. 


In July 2016, Tahmid co-founded The People's Challenge, a campaign group established to challenge the Government’s stance that Article 50 could be triggered without Parliament's approval. Following victory in the Supreme Court, the group has continued extensive lobbying work on citizens' rights.

Here for Good was born from this vital work to bring about more immediate social impact on citizens' lives. Isabella, who had been nominated one of the LSE’s top 20 inspirational women in 2015, had experience in running her own charitable project, sat on the Policy and Programmes Committee for a leading UK NGO, and was embarking on a career in immigration law. This, combined with her understanding of frontline pro-bono legal advice and unrivaled passion for social justice, made her a perfect fit for the charity. 

In May 2017, with the support of two partners at Bindmans LLP, Here for Good was officially founded, and Tahmid and Isabella set out to ensure their idea became a reality.


Here for Good is grateful for the support we receive from the following trusts, foundations and government bodies. 

  • Transition Advice Fund 

  • Clifford Chance Foundation 

  • Ludovica Foundation

  • Trust for London 

  • AB Charitable Trust

  • Mayor of London

  • UK Home Office

  • Allen Lane Foundation

  • The Community Justice Fund