After our initial research revealed a worrying lack of free immigration advice, we decided to document what and where the available services were. 

We wanted our work to go beyond highlighting the lack of free advice, and to use our research to help people to find out where they could go for advice if they needed it. 

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We have recently completed two major contracts to map immigration advice and support services across the UK. 

The first contract was with the European Commission, this time mapping available services across the UK. The portal aims to help citizens to identify providers of free advice and use them to help understand their rights and secure their immigration status. 

The second, for the Greater London Authority (along with the3million) maps support services for EU Londoners. The EU Londoners Hub is now live, and Here for Good will continue to update the Hub over the coming months. 

If you need help but you don't know what's available to you, find out here: 

I live outside London 

I live in London 

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