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At Here for Good, we're proud of the impact our work has on those we support. Read below some testimonials from those who have worked alongside our dedicated team of staff and volunteers, as well as from clients whose cases we've helped resolve.




"the3million has been working with Here for Good since their inception and the feedback we have received from beneficiaries has been consistently positive. Here for Good is answering a need to support vulnerable EU citizens requiring legal representation and they are doing it with humanity and with compassion. A 5-star partner"

Nicolas Hatton - the3million

Garden Court Chambers

"I had the privilege of acting for Here for Good in their judicial review of the EUSS Covid-19 guidance, which was restrictive and discriminatory. The government withdrew the guidance following Here for Good’s legal challenge. It takes a bold and dynamic charity to step up to be the claimant in a systemic judicial review, and it is a massive credit to Here for Good’s board and staff that the challenge happened and was so impactful.”

Ollie Persey – Barrister, Garden Court Chambers

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The Romanian and Eastern European Hub

“The Romanian and Eastern European Hub has been working with Here for Good for more than a year.

 We have referred vulnerable Eastern European citizens to be supported with immigration advice and applications under the EU Settlement Scheme. Our collaboration with the Here for Good team has always  been very professional , the team always goes above and beyond in supporting the needs of the referred service users and is available to respond to our enquiries”


Nadia Mihai, The Romanian and Eastern European Hub

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"Here for Good is an indispensable Partner in our efforts to support European residents, and their family members, in the UK.  Together we’ve provided a substantial amount of pro-bono time and we continue to refer vulnerable or at risk individuals to the Here for Good services, without which they would be vulnerable to the EU Settlement Scheme. We’re proud of our partnership and all the valuable work the Here for Good team is providing to European residents in the UK."


Christopher Desira – Solicitor Director, Seraphus



“ I cannot express enough how kind and helpful you have been throughout this process. You have always had a measured and informed position in regard to our situation and it has been a huge comfort to have your support throughout this process .” 

A Client of Here for Good, 2020

“ [Our caseworker] was very supportive and willing to go a bit extra to help us. Her positive attitude was a real plus. My application for settled status had a small glitch, enough for me to go into total panic if it were not for [our caseworker’s] commitment and support. The service was 100% useful at every step of my application.”

A Client of Here for Good, 2020

“I am quite sure that even if ability to pay was no object, I would not have found someone as professional, capable and diligent as [our caseworker]. All along I had this sense that he cares deeply about his client and what happens to them and their case. In a process that to be honest is terrifying, these are invaluable qualities.”

A Client of Here for Good, 2022

"Thank you again for your kind and thorough advice in the last year. I am happy to feedback that we all now have Settled Status, including my daughter! With kind regards and sincere gratitude for your work."

A Client of Here for Good, 2020

'Thank you so much for this amazing reply. I have read it through several times now, and it is incredibly clear and has clarified some things which puzzled me. There are still fuzzy areas, but at least I know now that is because they are fuzzy and not because I have missed some important information.

A Client of Here for Good, 2020

“I have now been granted settled status and would like to thank you and your organisation for your invaluable help and the extraordinary amount of information you have provided. I can now stop worrying about Brexit and sleep at night.”


A Client of Here for Good, 2019

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